Appreciate the View From Your Brand-New Window

Window installations and replacements in Brick and Tom's River, NJ

At Dura-Plex, we install high-quality windows in Brick and Tom's River, NJ. Our contractors will replace your old windows or build new ones for your custom home. Our windows are all up to industry standards, so you never have to worry about safety issues. We can install windows with polyvinyl chloride aluminum and glass options of your choosing. We can install hurricane-rated and eco-friendly windows for your home or business. Contact Dura-Plex to learn more about our extensive window options.

5 popular window styles to choose from

There are so many options and window styles available to homeowners. These are the top five we see in Brick and Tom's River, NJ homes:

  • Single-sash windows – These simple vertical windows include a fixed top panel and a bottom panel that can be opened to increase airflow.
  • Double-panel sash windows – These windows look similar to single-sash windows, but both window panels can be moved up and down.
  • Awning windows – These windows are attached with a hinge that pushes the glass out instead of up.
  • Bay windows – These windows allow the maximum amount of light to enter a room and are popular in living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Sliding sash windows – These work like single and double-sash windows, but instead of moving vertically, they move horizontally. These are popular choices for over the kitchen sink or in the bathroom shower.

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